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There's a Podcast About Everything, Including Abortion

Abortion is a topic that's not often talked about, but when it is it's usually in the political arena, with heated opinions being expressed.

Because of this many people only know the aspects of abortion that they hear about via the news.

Now "Access: The Podcast About Abortion" that aims to demystify everything about the topic, from the types of procedures, updates about ongoing legal battles, and information about providers, funders, and research.

Featuring both personal stories and expert perspectives, the narrative flows in a comfortable, conversational manner, courtesy of host Garnet Henderson, who also created and produces the podcast.

Episodes are jammed packed but never run longer than approximately 45 minutes, with most clocking in at around the thirty minute mark, or under.

"Access: The Podcast About Abortion" can be found Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pandora, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Little Pocket Podcasts.

For more information about the podcast please click here.

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