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It's the end of an era on 'Teen Mom'

When Chelsea Houska DeBoer decided to end her time on Teen Mom 2 she admitted that she's closing a very long chapter of her life.

She began her on-screen journey, appearing in 16 & Pregnant, when she was a senior in high school and expecting her first child. Now, she's 29-years-old and soon to be the mother of four.

DeBoer has spent a decade of her adult life in front of the camera, documenting her struggles to co-parent with her daughter Aubrey, with Aubree's estranged father Adam, and falling in love with her now husband Cole.

Early episodes featured a lot of interaction with her supportive father, Randy.

Now, Chelsea, with two kids with Cole, and another on the way, is ready to experience life without documenting every minute via video.

The couple, whose fourth child is due in February 2021, have built a new house and are working on a fashion line.

Executive Morgan J. Freeman told me a few years ago, when I interviewed him about the series, that he considers Chelsea a success story. He said that he and his team have enjoyed watching her find love and settle into life with Cole, and their young kids, Watson and Layne. (Seen in the photo above, with Aubree).

He also remarked, at the time, that he hoped she would stay on the series until Aubree was ten, because it would be the first time a television show has documented the first ten years of a child's life. Aubree celebrated her tenth birthday this season on 'Teen Mom 2.'

Whatever Chelsea's reasons for moving on, she's entitled to transition to a life off-screen. She's earned it after spending her late teens and nearly all of her twenties with her entire life open to the viewing public.

But this isn't to say that fans won't miss her, Cole, their kids, and Randy too.

Farewell DeBoer family, and thanks for the time you spent with us.

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