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For over two decades, Anne has created unique content, with a focus on current events and activism.

Her work has appeared on Yahoo!,,,, and in Emmy magazine and The Hollywood Reporter as well as on National Public Radio. Her pieces include celebrity interviews, TV show previews/reviews, pop culture topics, and news reports such as a look at the struggles disabled students face in higher education, and the presentation of the first ever TED conference held behind bars. 


Prior to this, Anne worked for over ten years in news, sports, and children’s television for ABC and the FOX Broadcasting Company, during which time she won an Emmy award for writing and producing. She was also selected for and completed the highly competitive and prestigious Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship, a program focused on screenwriting.

Her narrative work includes a feature about the issue of the rape kit backlog in the United States, a television series about the failings of the US judicial system and another series about a woman who runs a minor league baseball team, along with a musical about the interaction between the mother of a slain African-American son and a police officer's widow. Her holiday feature, "In a Christmas Pickle," which sold in 2020, is in pre-production now, with an expected release date of December 2021. 


In 2018, Anne received her master's degree in Journalism from Harvard. 


A long distance runner, Anne has completed several marathons, including the New York Marathon and the Boston Marathon. Through her running, she’s raised money for a global initiative that seeks to eradicate sexual assault and domestic violence. An avid baseball fan, Anne's favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals and she firmly believes that Opening Day of baseball season should be a national holiday! 

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